About Us

Who's Spared

A team of 5 millennials and a pig building a web app that gives you the power to take down your student loans. Your loan providers are shaking in their gold plated boots!

  • Ryan Lockwood

    Founder, CEO

    The only debt Co-Founder and CEO Ryan Lockwood ever had he got the old-fashioned way – by marrying it. A scholarship athlete as an undergrad and a military veteran, Lockwood’s schooling was paid for in other ways. Ever perceptive, it was hard for him to sit a day in an MBA classroom without hearing somebody lament about the role student loans would play in their future. With the rise in popularity of micro-transaction applications, Lockwood saw an opportunity to help his peers confront that ever-present specter of student debt head on and Spared was born. When he’s not actively working on Spared, you can probably find him at the nearest park throwing a frisbee for his Australian Shepherd, Freya.

  • Ryan Deitrich

    Founder, CFO

    A former financial advisor and current YouTube tiny living and frugality guru, CFO Ryan Deitrich always had a passion for personal finance. So, when he was approached by Ryan Lockwood about the opportunity to be involved with Spared, he leapt at the chance. Having paid off $50,000 of student debt himself, he saw the value of an application that could improve that process. If you’re looking for Ryan, good luck finding him. He travels the world in his sailboat / home, which is the inspiration for his YouTube series Abandon Comfort.

  • Kenny McGarvey


    Kenny started university at the brink of the 2007 financial crisis, and received some hefty interest rates as a participation trophy. After being introduced to the Ryans and Spared, Kenny knew he needed to be involved to help unburden fellow graduates. Kenny currently lives in Houston, TX, and works as an Engineering Manager at a local software consulting firm. When not working on Spared, he is still on his laptop staying on top of the “next big thing” or browsing Reddit.

  • Kathryn Reina

    Creative Director

    Kathryn’s “Always strive to live below your means” attitude has allowed her to avoid accruing personal debt. When recruited by one of the Ryans, she was immediately drawn to the idea of using micro-funding to help her loved ones pay off their student debt. Kathryn works in advertising as a Front End Web Developer and Designer in Los Angeles, CA. When not behind a computer helping others build brands, you can usually find her by the beach or painting in her studio.

  • Laraine Wilkinson

    Chief Marketing Officer

    From organizing neighborhood yard sales at age six to currently owning her own marketing consulting company, Laraine always had a flare for helping companies and people succeed. Unaware of how enormous an issue student loan debt is in this country, she naturally jumped in head first to help raise awareness and educate the masses when Spared reached out. With twenty years of marketing experience in SaaS and global tech companies, Laraine works closely with Ryan to craft the brand strategy and help promote Spared to those that can truly change their lives for the better by paying off student loan debt. When not helping companies build stronger brands, Laraine travels across the country competing in various motorsports events and hikes regularly with her two dogs.