spared pricing

The app costs $1 a month plus a 1% money transferring fee on each of your transactions.

This cost covers future development work to make Spared even more amazing based on your feedback, which we are all about. As we grow and onboard more Spared advocates, we will adjust our pricing plan to give you the best value from the app.


Launching Beta January 2018. Sign up early and we will notify you as soon as we launch.

We have your best interest at heart.

If you’re just getting started on your loans, we may not be for you. Assuming you have standard loan terms of 10 years and the average interest rate of 6%, it doesn’t make sense for you to use Spared unless you have at least $11,000 in student loans. Over the 10 years, our fees would outpace your actual savings. You’ll still get out of debt faster, but financially it’d be a wash.